Gun parts legislation in the Czech Republic

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Příspěvek#1 » úte 28. črc 2009, 13:39

Hi all,

I am a Swedish resident currently active in the always ongoing Swedish debate on gun laws and gun politics. In one Swedish web forum we are comparing gun laws around the world, Europe in particular, with the situation in Sweden., as well as the Wikipedia articles on gun politics is very helpful regarding Czech law, but there are some pieces missing in the puzzle, which I hope the users here at can help us out with.

In Sweden we not only have restrictions that demand a license to own a complete weapon, let us as an example say a semiautomatic pistol. In Sweden we also have license restrictions on spare parts; a separate frame, a separate barrel or a separate slide needs a separate license. This means that if a Swedish resident that has a proper license for a pistol and would like to get a caliber conversion kit, he would need to apply for an extra license and pay an extra fee in order to buy that extra barrel for his pistol.

What similar restrictions do you have in the Czech Republic in this matter? What parts are restricted, and that are the demands you have to meet to get a permit for them?

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Příspěvek#2 » úte 28. črc 2009, 14:07

we have same restrictions - law defines it as "main part of weapon" (hard to translate), which is - for example - barrel, frame and slide (in case of pistol) or barrel and lower/frame (case of AR15).
There are four categories of weapons, A/B/C/D. D is free-to-sell, you have to be at least 18 years old. C is free-to-buy with gun licence, then you have 10 working days to register it at your "gun department" - these are for example long repeating rifles. To buy B weapon (pistols, semi-auto rifles etc.) you need extra licence + register in 10 working days. Weapons in category A are full-auto weapons, silencers, lasers and also some ammunition (JHP etc.) - you need special licence, which is really hard to get (in case of full-auto weapons) or impossible to get (silencers).
I hope you'll understand, I'm not using english very often ;)

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Příspěvek#3 » úte 28. črc 2009, 17:02

...and the gun parts belong in the category of their own and count as a "gun" that needs to be itself registered and - in case of B category - also require getting a permit prior to buying. Which of course also requires some small fee.

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Příspěvek#4 » pát 13. lis 2009, 20:46

Hello Poxer,

do you have a reference to your site and the discussion as well?
How many people own legal weapons in your country?
I'm from germany and really interested in the situation in other countries of the eu.

regards, insane

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